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"Don't be Afraid to Step into the Unknown", they said...

The main musical thread that flows through Disruptive Rhythms Music Radio, and draws all the various divergent sounds together, is what we’ll call, rightly, or probably wrongly, AMBIENT. That elusive, difficult to define, word. Especially as a musical genre. So we’ll forget musical genres all together and simply say that Ambient is a word of multitude, unlimited meanings and can be associated and tagged to a limitless amount of things. Strict definitions should be avoided. That’s the best way to be. No pigeon holing into any one single box. Open to every listener and artist to reach their own conclusions.

Here, however, is a list of various “tags” for what you’ll hear on DRMR:

Ambient soundscapes; Ambient-infused, downtempo, dubby, (sometimes) jazz peppered, electronic beats; IDM breakbeat rhythms; Dubtechno, ambient techno, and detroit-beat electro / techno; Minimal, deep, ambient house; slow cookin’ drum and bass; all types of leftfield electronica; and alien tracks from across many musical genres (jazz, folk, dub etc) that simply fit into “the whole” …

record BAG

Ambient Waves and Beats
Crossing Ambient Soundscapes with Slower, Beats-Driven Tracks.
Downtempo Jazz : New school, old masters, ...
Laidback Jazz Escapism Crossing Through Musical Genres
Warm, Sunny Reggae Roots, Dub, and Jamaican Influences
Everything from Classic Roots Reggae to more Recent Jamaican Influenced Electronic Music.
Acoustic, and Acid Tinged Folk
Acoustic Ambiance, and Stripped Back Folk.