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The Electronic Beats&Bleeps Music Radio

Disruptive Rhythms is an independant, non-profit (Radio Associatif n° W742007513), commercial free radio, that primarily streams electronic music. DRMR is supported entirely by listeners donations. Any funds raised by donations, or other DRMR organised events etc. , and after basic radio running-costs have been covered, will go towards selected environmental projects. We are broadcating globally from the French Alps where the living is good. Vive la difference!

STREAMING: The hand crafted musical selections on the playlists are streamed 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. The tracks played on Disruptive Rhythms Music Radio have all been carefully selected to give maximum musical enjoyment, and hopefully introduce new artists, to the listener. No industrialised, soul-less, shuffle robots at work here. There’s enough robots out there already. Anything to break from the modern uniformity imposed on us, and disrupt the concrete, uncreative,  flock mindset is welcome. Different is good. Listen and enjoy.

SHOWS : DRMR is also about both live and prerecorded shows. Both prerecorded and live shows will be regularly uploaded on to our Shows page. The shows will offer another edge to the Disruptive Ryhthms listening experience with a different format to balance out the streaming part of the radio. Live shows will be announced on the radio and website prior to broadcasting.

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Ambient Waves and Beats
Crossing Ambient Soundscapes with Slower, Beats-Driven Tracks.
Downtempo Jazz : New school, old masters, ...
Laidback Jazz Escapism Crossing Through Musical Genres
Warm, Sunny Reggae Roots, Dub, and Jamaican Influences
Everything from Classic Roots Reggae to more Recent Jamaican Influenced Electronic Music.
Acoustic, and Acid Tinged Folk
Acoustic Ambiance, and Stripped Back Folk.